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Iberian Pork Cut

Grilled free ranch Iberian pork served with roasted seasonal vegetable

€ 26.00

Beef Steak

Grilled bone-in dry aged beef steak served with rosemary roasted potatoes

€ 10.00/ht min. 1kg

Crispy Hen

Roasted free ranch hen, tender and crispy served with rosemary roasted potatoes

€ 18.00

Horse Sirloin

Grilled horse sirloin steak, red chicory, balsamic vinegar and 40 months cured parmesan cheese

€ 26.00

Beef Tartare

Piedimont fassona beef tartare, grain mustard, capers, Cantabrian anchovies, egg yolk and red onion

€ 24.00


Lardo and rosemary roasted free ranch rabbit bone-less with wild herbs, star anis rabbit gravy and wasabi seasoned carrots

€ 26.00

Pastisada Alcova Edition 2023

Valpolicella Amarone wine braised local horse stew served with grilled polenta

€ 24.00

Three Cuts of Horse

Local horse premium cuts selection. Sashimi with Vezzena cheese and walnuts, tartare with olives, pine nuts, capers and grain mustard mousse, tagliata with red chicory, parmesan and balsamic vinegar

€ 35.00

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