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Donkey Ragù

Bigoli homemade pasta with Amarone braised donkey ragù and 40 months cured parmesan

€ 17.00

Salted Butter and Sage Gnocchi

Handmade potatoes gnocchi, salted butter, crispy sage and 40 months cured parmesan cheese

€ 16.00

Paccheri in three tomatoes

Paccheri artisan pasta, Piennolo tomatoes sauce, yellow plum tomatoes confit, fresh marinade tiger tomatoes and burrata

€ 18.00

Carbonara Alcova Special

Bigoli fresh pasta in carbonara sauce, crispy cured pork cheek and pecorino cheese foam

€ 18.00

Clams Spaghetti

Slow cooked spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and habanero with clams

€ 22.00

Penne Cacio e Pepe

Penne pasta with pecorino cheese, black pepper, mussels and orange zest

€ 17.00


Tortellini fresh pasta filled by beef and pork with salted butter, crispy sage and 40 months old parmesan cheese

€ 18.00

Tagliolini Truffle & Ricotta

Tagliolini fresh pasta with salted butter, truffle and local smoked ricotta cheese

€ 22.00

Amarone Red Wine Risotto

Upon availability, min 2 pax 

€ 20.00

Gluten free pasta avaible € 2.00

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