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Apetizers from the Sea


XL American scallops pan seared with wild herbs liquor from Menorca, purple potatoes puree and confit tomatoes

€ 24.00

Razor clams

Grilled razor clams with garlic, parsley and olive oil

€ 20.00

Bourguignonne style Mussels

Baked mussels with parsley, garlic, bread, butter and shallots sauce

€ 16.00

Prawns Tartare

Prawns tartare with passion fruit, olive oil from Garda and lime zest

€ 22.00

Cantabrian Anchovies

Cantabrian anchovies selection served with steamed broccoli, habanero chilly and burrata

€ 18.00


Britain oyster served with lime 

€ 4.50/each

Ceviche style Oyster

Ceviche seasoned Britain oyster 

€ 5.00/each

Ceviche de Pescado

Traditional Peruvian white fish ceviche served with steamed white corn, toasted yellow corn, sweet potatoes, marinade red onion and coriander

€ 25.00

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