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Apetizers from the Land

Bourguignonne style Snails

Baked snails with parsley, garlic, bread, butter and shallot sauce

€ 18.00


Iberian Chorizo

Iberian chorizo on potatoes fudge, sweet paprika and extra virgin olive oil

€ 18.00

San Daniele ham 24 months

San Daniele ham 24 months, croissant, salted butter

€ 20.00

Cecina de leon

Spanish cured ox meat served with burrata from Apulia and extra virgin olive oil

€ 20.00

Jamon de Patanegra

Spanish Patanegra ham served with confit plums tomatoes

€ 25.00

Cheese Selection

Soft and cured cheeses selection served with chutneys and nuts

€ 18.00

Polenta Gorgonzola with pears

Grilled polenta, gorgonzola cheese and confit pears

€ 16.00

Manzo beef Tataki

Pan seared beef tataki served with chimichurri and crispy leek

€ 22.00


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